Monday, 5 September 2011

Man Cave Murals!

By Muralismo

 I noticed when tweeting the other day that someone in America had retweeted my tweet about Man Caves. Long story short this led me to discovering a T.V show called Man Caves that had a number of Manolicious Man Caves that featured Wall Murals as part of the decor.

I have selected some photos for your viewing enjoyment. We have partnered with Murals Your Way who have over 7000 images that you can select from when ordering a CUSTOM mural.They have a new product called SmartStick which can be installed in minutes because it is Peel & Stick.
Even better it is re positional and can be moved and re used.

We also have in stock some Murals suitable for a Man Cave and hopefully these photos will give you an idea of what can be achieved with them. Some of our most popular have sold out but I am putting in a large order from America this week so we will soon have them back in stock.
Find your own Man Cave Mural HERE