Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A Tale of two Murals.

By Muralismo

Last week I had an informative e-mail conversation with a customer who was coming back to purchase a second mural. The first mural the customer purchased was this one that is made in Switzerland.
On Special NOW Buy it HERE.
 It is printed on fine art paper and is thinner than our two main ranges of Murals. It was on special as we have decided to no longer stock that brand and wanted to get rid of the last of our stock.

Here is what the customer had to say.

" I purchased the bookcase mural and had it pasted up on the wall in our study and looks amazing, although it was a very hard paper to not only paste but put up.
My husband is a professional painter, decorator and wall paper hanger for many years...and was not all that impressed with this type of paper from the country it was imported from...BUT...is prepared to take a chance on what I have just purchased again...knowing it came from the US.

Here's hoping it is easier this time around..... but I'm sure it would look great because this is yet another mural I love the look of."

After receiving that feedback and a photo from the customer of the installed bookcase mural I was very interested in hearing her spouses opinion on the Environmental Graphics Brand mural that she had selected for her second purchase as I believe it to be a superior brand that has been around for a very long time and is highly recommended by professional paperhangers.

I didn't have to wait long because the day it arrived her husband went to work and that afternoon I received the following photos and e-mails.

Good morning Juana,
Thank you so much again for the prompt delivery of the mural, it arrived just in time as the room had just finished being papered of the surrounding walls.

We were just having morning tea and the courier pulled up, so very pleased to receive it.
Your service is the best I have received and the wrapped packaging is fantastic.

Then soon after ( boy that hubby of hers is good! ) I received this e-mail.

Hi again,
Just wanted to send you some photos of the beautiful mural that was hung today in the room, we live in the xxxxxxxx  and surrounded by bush and this mural just blended in so well with the trees through the window.

My husband highly praised the quality of this paper and was very impressed.

I had checked your website and some of the murals I really liked were no longer available which is a shame.
Would I be able to use the voucher (again, thank you) for a discount off the next mural?

I don't know about you dear readers but I was blown away by how the view outside the bedroom matched the mural inside. You couldn't PLAN it to work out so well. The leaves outside were just the right colour and size and the tree trunks so similar to the ones in the Morning Forest Mural it was SPOOKY :)

If there was a prize for most effective design selection, then this customer and her husband would surely win it. I have always thought of using a mural in terms of creating an inside view and making the focus on the inside or distracting the occupant from a lack lustre view outside. I had never thought about actually complementing or enhancing the view seen through the windows.

This example really brings the outside in as though there is no wall at all. I just LOVE it.
I hope to have more and more customer examples to share with you all soon as I am including a $20 voucher bribe with most Mural purchases to encourage customers to share their photos with us.

If you would like one of your own you can buy it HERE

Friday, 20 May 2011

A SIMPLE way to display what you LOVE.

By Muralismo

The post below from 'Simple Things' highlights one of the many features of Easywallz Murals.

Easywallz is a very SIMPLE way to display the people, things and activities that you love. 

Easywallz is such a PERSONAL product because it can be whatever you want it to be. 

What do you love? 


From from the Blog, Simple Things

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Treasure Box 15

Find 1 ... Let's say for arguments' sake, that you live in a surfing family! How cool would it be to wake up each morning to this on your walls ... this beautiful photo is an adhesive photo, that you apply to the wall.

[from EazyWallz, via Alkemie ... ]

Thursday, 19 May 2011

A leading Interior Designer demonstrates Easywallz on T.V

By Muralismo

Easywallz is coming to New Zealand and I am doing a series of Blog Posts to talk about the MANY features that make me so excited about stocking this product.

 In this post there is a link to a T.V show that was made this year. In it an Interior Designer shows the audience two examples of an Easywallz mural as part of a whole designer look that she has put together in the studio.
                                                    Easywallz on T.V

The feature that I will highlight today is the portability of this amazing product. The designer mentions how when you want to change your look in your lounge you can easily peel off the mural and move it to another room. Just try doing that with your expensive designer wallpaper some time!

You spend all that money to achieve a designer look but when you tire of it that's that. What a waste! Now, like with designer curtains you can MOVE your Easywallz mural to another room, pass it on to a friend or family, sell it or give it away to some lucky person.

The part of the T.V show that I liked the most was when the second Easywallz Mural was revealed to the presenter of the show by the Interior Designer. Her reaction when she saw a Mural of her two children was priceless.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Graffiti Goes Glam.

By Muralismo

Today's Blog post features a page from the Canadian magazine, House and Home. It is one of many pages I will be sharing with you all over the coming weeks. 

What all the articles I will share with you will have in common is that they will all feature Easywallz.
Easywallz is a revolutionary new product that is so versatile that it really needs its own category, as it is so different to any other Mural product out there.

 There are so MANY features, that I could rave on and on.
Today however, I will highlight one feature only.

It is the ability to MAKEOVER a room in minutes. 
Yes, you heard me right. Not days, not hours, MINUTES.

No need for a paperhanger at $450 a pop or for a pasting brush or paste. 
No more waiting for your other half to get around to putting it up for you.
You can do it yourself quickly and EASILY.

Available soon from Cadlow Mural World

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Easywallz is soon going to be available in New Zealand.

By Muralismo

I am jumping up and down with excitement this week because Easywallz is soon going to be available in New Zealand through Cadlow Mural World

What is Easywallz I hear you ask. Well, I was going to do a long Blog post to tell you all about this cutting edge new product but since another Blogger has already done it I will instead share their excitement with you.

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 Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Easy Walls - New Meaning to Wall Art and Large Scale Wall Decor

 I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I know I certainly added
some inches to the waistline... I recently discovered a wonderful site 
called EazyWallz.  They have all kinds of large scale photographic art
and illustrations that can be adhered to walls for instant impact at a 
reasonable price.  This photograph of a temple in Angkor Wat in
Cambodia is already amazing on it's on.
Who could imagine that on a large scale, it makes a fantastic backdrop
to a dining room.  Isn't the ambiance amazing?  Peel and stick starting
from around $230 and up depending on the size.  It's less work than 
paint (just gotta make sure it goes on straight...)  

Macro photos - Coffee lovers anyone?

This is really fun - a photo of a red brick wall.  
Who needs the real thing? 

Sweet tooth?
They have a collection of all kinds of prints.

What's more, you can custom design your own with your own
photos or illustrations.  Larger than life portrait of your kids?
A favorite personal photo?   They can create it for you.

Over the top rosy pink.

Such a soothing photo.

Makes for such a great backdrop.

 Love the colors in this photo.

For ocean and water lovers.

This is such fantastic print for a child's room.


Or a fantastical airship.  You can save your money on having paint a 
custom mural by using one of these floor to ceiling installations.


This is a super cool samurai silhouette.

For all of you patriots.  They have a Union Jack and Canadian flag as well.

Fantastic quirky photos.

The classic cityscapes.

For a music room?

Great for a child's bedroom that loves animals or the outdoors.

African Safari written all over this one.  I love 
silhouette photos and this one is very striking.

Can't ever leave out a beach photo.

What's amazing is that you can stick it not only on walls but also
Kitchen cabinets.  Basically any smooth surface.

Love the color palette of this super chic and feminine dining room.
It could just as easily be masculine with a different accent color.

I've been really loving gray lately and this is a lovely 
gray, black and white dining room with silver accents.

Autumn lovers would love this image and color hue.

There are no shortage of images for nature lovers.

Retro prints?

Chic and Modern.

 Hotel style room.

As you can tell, I got really carried away and this sort of became a megapost.
If you haven't had a chance to check out EazyWallz - definitely do so.  I had a 
great time browsing through all the different photos and illustrations.  I would
love to an installation like this for a room, now just to figure out where to put 
one...  What are your favorites?  Which room or hallway would you put one 
of these installations?

Photos from EazyWallzC

Coming to New Zealand SOON  Cadlow Mural World

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The Story of Mikko's Room

The Original article 

Article from Baby Bites
Photos by Jessica Beth Gibson

The land before time

18 February 2011

For regular babybites readers, this room may look a tad familiar.  That’s because it’s a revamp of Kasper’s Room we featured a while back.  Only, the room no longer belongs to Kasper, instead his brother Mikko has moved in, along with the land of dinosaurs.

The massive wall mural at one end of the room not only makes for a fabulous feature wall, but gives Mikko his entrance into a completely different world.  His mum Jess has completed the theme with a fabulous ‘grass’ rug and duvet covers from Ikea.  I love that the white wall shelf made by the boys Great Grandfather remains on the wall.

Thank you so much Jess for sharing again!!  I’m now hanging out for Jess to unveil Kasper and Finn’s super hero room…  those are 3 lucky little boys!

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                     Save TIME and MONEY as we will ship BOTH for FREE!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The Story of George's Room

By Kate Verry

**Taken from an entry in the Huggies NZ  Best Room designs competition

After losing our home to a fire Xmas 2009, boy was only 20months old when we lost his little boys room. We rented a house for about 10months whilst we rebuilt but his room was very simple as we could not really decorate as if it were our own. When the house was almost complete and with a couple of things ready for his bedroom, we found this WALLTASTIC mural which worked perfectly with the colour scheme we were going for and was perfect as we are "friends of the Napier aquarium’ which he loves.

Sharks, pirate ships, nemo and more…what boy wouldnt like this!! So we put the wall paper up, painted his shelf the same colour as we could get for a blind and the rest is decoration. My husband also found the painting on trade me and put up starlight stickers of the solar system for him to enjoy at night time.

Together the themes work well together. Also as I am Australian we put animals on his cupboard doors to represent the little aussie in him aswell. Losing his toys and his home were very stressful on us all and in particular on George as he kind of understood. Moving to the rental was not easy and so we knew that when we moved back to our newly built home that we would have to make the transition as easy as possible. Thus the wallpaper was very special and he was there when we put it up, even helping as much as he could. We made a big deal of it being his new room and he even helped pack boxes of his toys to bring. He absolutely adores his room and is always showing people “his new room” whether its for the first time or the tenth time!!
animals on his cupboard doors to represent the little aussie in him
starlight stickers of the solar system