Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Peel & Stick versus Traditional Wallpaper

By Muralismo ( adapted from a post by EasyWallz )
Traditional Wallpaper

We’ve all had issues with traditional wallpaper. 
1) Traditional wallpaper is not easy to install. Far from it. The glue is very messy and must be cleaned immediately. 
2) The services of a professional is often required for proper installation at a cost per wall of approx $400+
3) Finally, when the time comes to remove it, the real nightmare begins. Removing wallpaper without damage is difficult. Due to the glue, it is common for the dry wall to come off with the paper, causing you to have to replace it.

Who hasn’t dream t of redecorating (starting with the walls) without all the hassle?
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Peel and Stick Wall Murals offer all the advantages of traditional wallpaper without its drawbacks. They create an extraordinary look in an instant, transforming your walls to meet your desires and inspirations. 
Anything is possible: from the tropical beaches of the Caribbean to the icy landscapes of Antarctica, from the dense Amazon jungle to the hustle of urban cities…
Peel and Stick Wall Murals will recreate any environment of your choice onto your walls. And the icing on the cake is that you can even create your own Peel and Stick Wall Mural from your personal photos, for a truly unique result!

Discover an innovative wall decor that will not go unnoticed! A new kind of wallpaper, removable, reusable and glue-less that is bringing forward traditional wall coverings to new and exciting fronts. A perfect solution for those who don’t want to commit to one look and those who just don’t want to deal with the hassle of traditional wallpaper. 
Welcome Peel and Stick Wall Murals!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Which Wallpaper Mural brand should you choose?

By Muralismo

I have had a lot of interest in  our new product line and our Custom mural service but a stumbling block for some is price.

Price is important but it is also important to compare apples with apples.

Lets first look at what each brand gives you for your money and the pluses and minuses of each option.

The CHEAPEST  Wallpaper mural that we stock is the Walltastic brand.

Our supplier is in New Zealand and we can get items back into stock when they sell out within a few days.

Walltastic is a brightly coloured range designed exclusively for children

Mermaid the latest release from Walltastic

Walltastic murals can be installed by a paperhanger for $400+ or be installed by anyone who has successfully installed wallpaper before. They take around 2 hours to install.


* They are very affordable
* They are perfect for Children
* They are great for transforming a child's bedroom or brightening a waiting room or kindergarten.
* They can be trimmed to fit most standard walls.


* The selection is limited
* They have nothing suitable for adults or commercial use
* They are permanent like ordinary wallpaper so tenants cannot use them
* They are available in ONE size only
* They take two hours to install

Environmental Graphics is a range designed for mainly adult use.
It is our mid range priced brand.

World Map Wallpaper Mural

Our supplier is in America and when items sell out they stay sold out for months.

Environmental Graphics murals can be installed by a paperhanger for $400+ or be installed by anyone who has successfully installed wallpaper before. They take around 2 hours to install.


* They are similar in price to ordinary wallpaper
* They can be used in Adult rooms as well as children's rooms
* Some are suitable for business use such as cafes.
* They can be trimmed to fit most standard walls.
* There is a good range of designs to choose from


* They take two hours to install
* They are permanent like ordinary wallpaper so tenants cannot use them
* They are available in ONE size only

EasyWallz Peel & Stick Murals

EasyWallz is the most expensive brand that we stock.

Peel & Stick Blossoming Cherry trees

Easywallz is a revolutionary new product. The murals are made from a special material that can be re used over and over and customers can use either their own images or ours.

We stock ten designs ready made for those who don't want to wait for a custom order to be made and delivered.

Our manufacturer is in Canada but Custom orders can be delivered in approx two weeks.


* They can be custom made into any size the customer requires
* The customer has a huge range of images to choose from including their own photos.
* They are suitable for both Commercial and Residential use

* They can be installed in MINUTES no skill required.
* No need to pay a Paperhanger $400+
* They can be applied to any smooth, flat surface
* They can be moved from wall to wall as they are re usable making them PERFECT for tenants or businesses that want to change their look with the seasons.

* They allow Commercial and Interior designers to order a totally unique look for their client.
* There is no International shipping charge on the Peel & Stick murals that we have in stock in 10 designs and two sizes.
* There is no extra fee for customizing a wall mural.


* There is an international shipping charge on Custom orders. The cost depends on the size of the mural that you order and the exchange rate at the time. Expect to pay between $249-$319. An accurate quote can be obtained by filling out your requirements on our Custom Page

I hope you all found this post helpful.

Don't forget to check out our Photography competition that is currently running on Facebook. $200 is up for grabs and entering is easy.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Cadlow Mural World Photography Competition

By Muralismo

To promote the opening of our brand new website www.cadlow.co.nz and our custom wallpaper/ mural service we have hired Gopher to put together a Professional Photography competition on Facebook.

The winning photo will be added to our image gallery for custom Murals
Do you love photography and interior design?

Here’s your chance to have a picture that you’ve taken, featured in our gallery. Pictures featured in our gallery can be chosen by anyone as a wallpaper mural for their home, office, business or such. Check it out

All you have to do is send us a photo that depicts New Zealand (Kiwiana or a NZ scene) to this email address:


We will then add the pictures to our Facebook album where people can comment on them and Like them.

At the end of July a professional photographer will choose the five best photographs and there will be a one week round of voting.

If your photo gets the most votes, you’ll be the winner of $200 cash and will get to have your picture featured at www.cadlow.co.nz

Entry requirements:

File format:

Less than 50 MB

High resolution image (minimum of 5000 px x 5000 px at 300 ppi).

Don’t miss your chance to win! Remember to stay tuned and check out all the entries, the finalists and the winner announcement on the 8th of August!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Interior Designer Eleanor Steel's expert tips on Wallpaper

NZ Homestyle Magazine article about Wallpaper

I subscribe to NZ Homestyle Magazine and enjoyed interior Designer Eleanor Steel's expert tips on Wallpaper. To read the full article you need to buy the magazine.

One of the things she says is that......in recent years wallpaper has hit our walls with enthusiasm, and as many of us put the painted feature wall behind us, wallpaper is sweeping through our interiors like a familiar face at a party. It makes us smile, it’s exciting and it provides a design element that is as changeable as the wind. 

I plan to contact Eleanor soon to tell her about our new product Easywallz which REALLY provides a design element that is changeable as the wind as it can be put up in MINUTES and re-used over and over. 

Really, it is the wallpaper worlds version of curtains. 

No other brand allows you to MOVE it and re use it. 
No other brand allows tenants to add this high impact design element to their rented homes.
No other brand allows a business such as a shop to change its wall with the seasons.

Eleanor says that while wallpaper is more expensive than most paint it doesn't have to be. I think she means that you do not need to cover all your walls with it. She says to think of it as Art. One wall can be enough, you can wallpaper a section of the wall as a feature or use it as a bed head.

She says to shop around online and mentions digital printing which has projected wallpaper into the realms of virtual reality with amazing effect.

Speaking of virtual reality check out this brick wallpaper that I am adding today to our image library for our Custom Murals.
By Muralismo