Saturday, 30 April 2011

HOW to change the knobs on a Dresser

Sometimes old knobs on a dresser break, then again sometimes we want to update the look of our bedroom. Of course, purchasing all new bedroom furniture when nothing is wrong with the old is out of the question. However, we can completely change the look of a piece of furniture just by changing the hardware.

Difficulty: Easy


things you'll need:

  • screwdriver
  • new dresser knobs or handles
    • 1
      First, you'll want to make a visit to your local home improvement or hardware store and pick out new knobs or handles that suit your new style or go online to a site such as http://www.cadlow.co.nz/category/70/b-vintage-knobs/ and let your fingers do the walking.
      Once you're back home, open just one of the packages of new knobs to be certain that the style you picked matches just right.
    • 2
      Loosen the old knob
      You won't need to completely empty your drawers, just clear out enough room to fit your hand and a screwdriver.
      While holding the knob with one hand, loosen the screw on the inside of the drawer until it is removed completely.
    • 3
      Compare the old screw with the new
      Now check to make sure your new hardware compares to the old. Make sure the screw of the new knob is about the same in diameter and length.
    • 4
      Tightening the screw
      New take the new dresser knob and line the hole up with the screw hole in the dresser. Then hold it tight to the dresser with one hand and twist the screw in with the other, as tight ass possible by hand. Use a screwdriver to finish tightening the screw.
      Repeat these steps for each knob on your dresser. And viola, a whole new look!

      By Muralismo

      And here is a dresser that my customer prepared earlier :)
      We have a gorgeous jewel like range of glass, crystal and ceramic knobs for you to choose from.

Friday, 29 April 2011

Homestyle Magazine's Latest Blog Post

By Muralismo

 I am thrilled to reproduce here the Blog post about our product written by Homestyle Magazine's Designer Amber. Homestyle Magazine featured our NZ shaped acrylic mirrors in their magazine late last year and also did a Blog post last year on the transformation of a dresser by one of our customers using our popular glass knobs.

Here it is for you all to enjoy ( hot off the press )

Romance at the Flick of a Button

LED Flameless Candles
Everyone knows that lighting a few candles can instantly set the scene for a romantic dinner or relaxing night indoors, so I was interested to find these battery opperated LED flameless candles. Although dubious to start, I think the candles are awesome! Made from real wax, they not only look the part but have the option of a flickering flame, just like the real thing. Controlled by a remote you can adjust the light levels to suit the mood from across the room.

Apart from the ease of remote control these candles are great around children, as there is no flame for little fingers to get burnt in and no risk of fire.

My favourite thing about these candles is that you can take them outside or display in a drafty room and there is no problem with the candles blowing out! Available from Cadlow Mural World I think these are a must have for romantic nights in as the weather gets cooler.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Special Easter Mural by very talented Muralist

The event that the Easter celebration is all about.
View more of

Joe Mckinney
Muralist, of Greenville, South Carolina's Murals here. http://www.findamuralist.com/muralartist/joe-mckinney-greenville-united-states

Muralismo wishes all our readers a very Happy Easter Holiday.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

DIY Photo competition for our Facebook Fans

By Muralismo

                       I  want to give away to one of our Facebook Fans either

A Remote controlled LED Wax Candle Gift Set


$85 worth of glass, ceramic or crystal knobs of their choice         

I want FANs to send in a photo of their latest DIY project around their home along with a short explanation of what they did. The photo that gets the MOST likes will be the winner.

The winner then can tell me which of the above two options they want as a prize and I will ship it to them NZ Wide.

**Out of NZ Fans can take part but if the cost of shipping overseas exceeds $15 NZ dollars they will need to pay the balance required.

The competition will close when 100 Fans have been achieved. We already have 52 Fans so it should not take long at all.

I look forward to seeing your photos and stories. What have you been up to? Painted the bedroom? Upcycled a chest of drawers? Made some curtains? Polished the floor boards? Stripped a wooden fireplace? decorated a plant pot? Painted a Mural? Sewed a duvet cover?

Post your photo and story to our facebook page here http://on.fb.me/f3REiR

Thursday, 14 April 2011

WIN a remote controlled LED Candle GIFT Pack

By Muralismo
I want 200 Fans on our Facebook page http://on.fb.me/f3REiR so have devised the following competition. 
Tell your friends to like us and to comment on our facebook page http://on.fb.me/f3REiR that you sent them. 
Once 200 Fans have been achieved the person who has referred the MOST fans will WIN this MAGIC remote controlled LED Flameless candle set valued at $84.99. 
We will courier deliver it to the winner NZ Wide.
The competition is open to NZ residents ONLY.
**Remember to ask the people you refer, to comment on our page http://on.fb.me/f3REiR saying that YOU sent them.

Green Apple Painting : Muralist Extraordinaire

By Muralismo

I came across this very talented Muralist online and saw how similar a number of his wonderful creations were to our ' off the rack ' wallpaper Mural designs.
After watching a number of his very cool you tube videos that show him transforming some lucky individuals room I decided to provide my readers with some comparisons.




Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Tips on using Candles to Create Ambiance

Getting a “decorator look” at home is quite simple using pillar candles.  You can use inexpensive items to make a visually appealing group of pillar candles.

By Muralismo

It is getting colder and I am starting to winter proof my house. Cosy throws on the furniture, oil heaters in the bedrooms and warm colours on the beds.

I don't have a fireplace unfortunately but I DO have one on DVD which looks amazingly realistic when played on our large screen. It creates all the atmosphere of a real blazing fire without any of the mess or effort associated with the real thing.

Todays's tips were taken from a Blog post by Alicia Vilas. Many of her warnings regarding Candle safety can be disregarded if you substitute real pillar candles for our real wax, LED candles.

Begin by selecting 3 pillar candles that are not identical in height, but they shouldn’t vary too much in size.  It is nice to keep them the same color, but mixing the colors can create breathtaking and dramatic decorative accents.  Different wax textures in the same color also looks great.  When grouping them together think in terms of layering.  You can bring one forward and tuck one a bit behind the other so that they seem to overlap each other.  Remember to leave a space between each candle to avoid burning into each other’s sides.

Another great tip is to wrap your pillar candles with decorative ribbon or raffia.  You can tie a ribbon around one pillar candle or a group of 3 candles.

A decorative ceramic dish, platter, bowl, or mirrored base makes a stunning arrangement with a large pillar candle such as a 3-wick candle or a clump of three candles.  Fill the base with decorative stones, potpourri, sand, glass beads, silk flowers, seashells, or faux pearl necklaces and push the pillars down.  Just remember to always be sure to burn candles on heat-resistant, inflammable surfaces and with surrounding decorative pieces that are not flammable.  Some people choose not to burn candles when they have these stunning arrangements.  Just keep in mind that safety always comes first.

Remember to decide on your focal point for pillar candle placement.  In which area of the room do you wish your guest’s eyes to automatically go?  You can find unusual spaces or corners to transform with your beautiful pillar candle arrangement.  A great focal point is to cluster your pillar candles in front of a wall mirror or use a small mirror as the candle tray.  The mirrors throw off more light when burning the candles.

Another great idea is to group pillar candles inside an unused fireplace, especially during the summer.
Try any of these ideas and you will see how you can easily add a warm inviting glow to your home.  Place several arrangements around your home and hear the wonderful comments from family members and friends.

*Let me know what you think by posting a comment.  If you have any other ideas on decorating with pillar candles, please add your idea in the comments section.

Monday, 11 April 2011

And the WINNER of $50 CASH is.................

The Indiana Jones Hat to be used for the DRAW.
Our 41 New FANS to go in the DRAW

41 New FANS in the HAT

And the WINNER of $50 Cash is........... Di Hill
Di Hill

Congratulations Di and what an interesting Facebook photo you have :)

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Bright future with Disney fake Candles

Extract from an article by Jan Norman

If you've visited Disneyland's Haunted Mansion in recent years, you might have noticed the flickering candles and wondered about the risk of open flames in such a setting.
That effect, like so much at the Happiest Place on Earth, is illusory. The candles are really LED lights created so realistically by Disney Imagineer Gary Schnuckle that they are patented.
Article Tab : smith-flameless-beach-technology
Peter Smith is the founder of Candella a Newport Beach company that is using Disney technology to make flameless candles.

•65,000 home fires are caused by candles each year.

•95 percent of dormitories at U.S. universities prohibit open-flame candles.

By Muralismo

The LED flameless candles we have for sale in New Zealand at http://www.cadlow.co.nz/category/67/candles-led-real-wax/
are even BETTER than the original product mentioned in this article February of last year.

Our candles are REAL WAX so they LOOK, FEEL and SMELL like real candles.


You even have the option of BLOW ON BLOW OFF models in a range of colours

                                       Remote controlled gift packs of three.


Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Why you should use colours of the 1950's when you decorate

By Muralismo

Let me tell you WHY you should use  colours of the 1950's  when you decorate.
 The SOFT gentle colours of the 1950's recall a different age. An age where Mum did lots of baking and served her family large meals on their cheerful Formica table. When I step into a kitchen or cafe done up in these ice cream colours I just go aaaawwwww. It sends me mushy. I remember my Nana and how her kitchen used to smell. Delicious home baking using REAL butter and cups of sugar. No concern then about being healthy, just sweet and tasty and golden brown goodness.

 I must be a girly girl cause this pink SMEG fridge makes me sigh in envy.
In the below link you can view authentic 1950's paint colours so you can make your 1950's project as realistic as possible.


The next link is for my New Zealand readers so that they can source the kind of paint colours they are after.

 Aren't the soft mint cupboards delicious in this photo? The colours are so soft and gentle that the whole effect is one of peace and good old fashioned simplicity.

We have the same yummy pink and mint in our ceramic knob range as well as the all time favourite of cream. Applying these shades to your furniture and accessorising with our knobs will ensure a Fifties feel.
Alternatively use them on your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Delicious!