Monday, 17 October 2011

The Back Story

By Muralismo

those of you who have been following my blog posts for a while will be aware that I spent a lot of time and energy setting up a new website complete with a Custom Mural category. I spent a lot of time AND money on the project and had only been up and running a very short while when I received a phone call that changed everything!

Long story short I had to remove my Custom Mural category which I had spent DAYS loading with all the images I had for sale and I had to instead work with a different supplier.

The good news is that a deal has been negotiated that means that I can still offer my NZ customers Custom Murals and in over 7000 designs but through my new business partner Murals Your Way not through Cadlow Mural World. HOWEVER we are their exclusive NZ distributor and it is our phone number that shows on their website when NZ customers visit it. NZ customers can contact us with any questions and queries.

Murals Your Way are simply the biggest and the best in the business and have been around a very long time. They are definitely the silver lining in the dark cloud that forced me to stop dealing with another company.

They have everything the other company has and much much more.

They quote in NZ dollars so you know exactly how much you will be paying. They ship quickly and only take a few days to make a custom mural. International shipping is an additional cost but due to their size they have negotiated a really sharp deal with their shipping provider so it is as low as possible and they DO NOT make any profit whatsoever on the shipping.

KEY benefits are:
Your choice of over 7500 images or upload your own.
Custom sizing to fit your wall dimensions. You can even personalize your mural.
Choose from 3 premium materials including  SmartStick® - simply peel and stick!
Superior in quality to wall decals, stickers and standard paper murals.
They ship to New Zealand

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Purple Playroom transformed into Baby Boy's Beachy Blue room

by Muralismo

I found this Blog post by a customer of Murals Your Way. She used their Custom mural service to great effect in this transformation of her baby son's nursery.

Murals Your way now ship to NZ and quote in NZ dollars. They provide Cadlow Mural World's phone number so that NZ customers can have a local contact for any questions or queries.
  • July 15th, 2011 @ 9:53am
    First of all, if you missed my first three posts, make sure you catch up! This adventure has been a blast taking care of getting the old purple playroom into something that is more suitable for a newborn baby boy. I would first like to thank Chase for creating a campaign that allowed us three bloggers to take $2000 and budget it into the baby room.
    Now on with the show!
    Here is the room PRIOR to the makeover. It was Charlottes play room and was done in purple and hand painted murals (that I did) and of course, an abundance of toys…

    I have left you with many, many questions. From chair rail to murals, which route did I go? I think showing is better than telling.
    So TADA!!!!!!!!!!
    My Baby Boy Beach Nursery

    Is that a makeover or WHAT!~
    Now let me break it down for you.
    I changed the nursery first by finding the crib. Once I had a crib to center the room around, I found custom made beach bedding which set the colors and tone of where I wanted to go, which prompted a painting match. Next, I found the surfboard fan, which I was afraid would change the entire feel of the room, but has actually been a very welcome piece that keeps the room cool and brings in a wooden element.
    From there it was about incorporating some elements that would bring the room more personalization. I had this vision in my head of huge pictures the baby would see when he woke up (of family) and took some pictures and had them framed in large black and whites in the wainscoting-esque frames. Then I added open shadow box shelves and started shopping and collecting seashells and other trinkets from the local area. It was very important to me to have some artisan work from our own coastline artists, so I used the “Pensacola Pelican”, which is an icon around here, some glass pieces from the beach shops, and even a beach car that I got right at a gas station.
    Now the palm tree picture on the dresser is actually from Mexico. That was all finger painting if you can believe it!
    I also picked up items that you can’t see very well like a seashell nightlight and pewter covers for the light switches that are engraved with beach life.
    Originally I had picked up that rug randomly trying to break up some of the beige in the room and once I got it in I was unsure….I decided to keep it and feel the room out and once the mural was on the wall, I just really loved the way it all came together. Last but not least, I added a baby hamper and a small storage and sitting bench where I could put toys, stuffed animals, or right now before he can reach it, baby supplies and shoes.
  • July 6th, 2011 @ 5:20pm
    The time is almost here for the big reveal! It seems as soon as I get one thing done, I have 10 more that need to be completed. You would think the awesomeness of having a nursery challenge would really make me just love to shop, but in reality its like when you are on a shopping spree and you cant bear to spend any money.
    Sometimes I walk into stores and just walk and walk and stare and go home empty handed.
    Now a few things I knew I wanted were personal touches. While I don’t have anything more than an ultrasound picture of this little one, I did want to make sure he is surrounded by family when he wakes up, so it was important for me to develop some photos of the family to display around the room. I searched through 100′s of our photos (Ok, make that 1000′s) to find some shots that were taken on the beach and had them done into 11 x 14 black and whites. Then a friend and I searched high and low for while frames and found a nearly perfect design at the craft store. No surprise there, right?
    But I really love we found the paneled white wood around the frames; take a look!
    I also spent a good 4 hours and 10 stores trying to find shadow box frames to sit nick nacks in. Of course Charlotte came along and added her own items for now, but I can assure you the painted shells won’t be staying….
    I did, however, let her add her own addition she picked up this weekend over in Florida while visiting her grandparents… Although, I’m not 100% positive why they painted a “Surfs Up” on something that says Mobile on it…we don’t have surf here!
    And last, but not least, I really wanted to show off this adorable Shark robe that I have added to the wall….practical, useful, and total decor right now.

  • I had originally planned a beach theme, a beach theme that included soft sands, and soft walls, and white furniture, and I am still going that way. But I keep finding adorable items that end up more on the “tiki” or “surf theme” and while they both include water, they totally clash.
    Lets start with the crib.
    We finally got that crib up. Happily, the crib was the easiest thing I had to do! Even though I went with a white crib which can traditionally be thought of for a girl, I love how the lines on it are all straight across which give it more of a masculine feel. My daughters crib was all fancy and curvy, and also white, but they are so different that it still works for me and this theme.
    This crib is in Vanilla and you can see that I have laid in my starfish bedding and organic cotton sheets. My only disappointment was that as much as I liked the crib, and liked the bedding, they dont seem to go together. You cant see the lovely ruffles on the bottom of the bedding set, but they seem to make a great hiding place for the cats!

    Also, my daughter Charlotte has started to get into the game and surprised me with a few additions of her own on the walls, including this seahorse I found taped in the room today.
    I do believe I will frame it for his room from his big sister.

    Now with the walls, going from that dark purple mural to blue was quite a treat. It made my daughter cringe a bit since this was her playroom, but ultimately I do believe I achieved a beautiful wall color that is pleasant to the eye, not too soft, but also dark enough to feel like the ocean.
    My thoughts from here were to put wainscoting on the walls and really give it a finished look, but would you know after buying $200 in wainscoting and chair rail, driving it home w/ the hatch up on my truck, and dragging it up the stairs, and I thought iw as far too stark next to the white furniture?
    So of course down the stairs, back to the truck, back to the store.
    And back to square one. My new thoughts now are to perhaps get a mural. I just emailed them today to find out how long it would take to ship, but I do believe it might really finish the room behind the crib.
    Right now I am considering this “Florida Skies” mural, which I believe may compliment the color and theme of the room and also give the baby something soft to look at when he wakes up:

    If for some reason that would take a few months and I cant get it in time (can you believe the baby will be here in 12 weeks? EEK!), my back up plan is paint a stripe around the room to separate the top and bottom, so thats also still a possibility.
    I have looked at a ton of “wave” rub ons and even sayings like this one I found, but overall making a commitment has been so hard!

    One commitment I have made that I do love however is my glider. I didn’t get that with Charlotte, so I wanted to make sure I had a place to rock the baby for the middle of the night feedings. I absolutely fell in love with this Glider in this soft cream and matching ottoman, where I can rock or kick my feet up. It just feels so lush and when I sit on it I can almost imagine looking out over the Ocean.

    Come to think of it, that reminds me, I totally have to find some ocean sounds to play!
    From this point forward, what I have to do is decide between a mural or stripes, or even leaving those blue walls the way they are. I have to get in some of my left over furniture like Charlotte’s old nursery dresser and start fixing up some shelves. I also need to clean out the excess toys from the closet and figure out some real storage.
    In short…I have to do everything still!