Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Interior Designer Eleanor Steel's expert tips on Wallpaper

NZ Homestyle Magazine article about Wallpaper

I subscribe to NZ Homestyle Magazine and enjoyed interior Designer Eleanor Steel's expert tips on Wallpaper. To read the full article you need to buy the magazine.

One of the things she says is that......in recent years wallpaper has hit our walls with enthusiasm, and as many of us put the painted feature wall behind us, wallpaper is sweeping through our interiors like a familiar face at a party. It makes us smile, it’s exciting and it provides a design element that is as changeable as the wind. 

I plan to contact Eleanor soon to tell her about our new product Easywallz which REALLY provides a design element that is changeable as the wind as it can be put up in MINUTES and re-used over and over. 

Really, it is the wallpaper worlds version of curtains. 

No other brand allows you to MOVE it and re use it. 
No other brand allows tenants to add this high impact design element to their rented homes.
No other brand allows a business such as a shop to change its wall with the seasons.

Eleanor says that while wallpaper is more expensive than most paint it doesn't have to be. I think she means that you do not need to cover all your walls with it. She says to think of it as Art. One wall can be enough, you can wallpaper a section of the wall as a feature or use it as a bed head.

She says to shop around online and mentions digital printing which has projected wallpaper into the realms of virtual reality with amazing effect.

Speaking of virtual reality check out this brick wallpaper that I am adding today to our image library for our Custom Murals.
By Muralismo

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