Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Peel & Stick versus Traditional Wallpaper

By Muralismo ( adapted from a post by EasyWallz )
Traditional Wallpaper

We’ve all had issues with traditional wallpaper. 
1) Traditional wallpaper is not easy to install. Far from it. The glue is very messy and must be cleaned immediately. 
2) The services of a professional is often required for proper installation at a cost per wall of approx $400+
3) Finally, when the time comes to remove it, the real nightmare begins. Removing wallpaper without damage is difficult. Due to the glue, it is common for the dry wall to come off with the paper, causing you to have to replace it.

Who hasn’t dream t of redecorating (starting with the walls) without all the hassle?
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Peel and Stick Wall Murals offer all the advantages of traditional wallpaper without its drawbacks. They create an extraordinary look in an instant, transforming your walls to meet your desires and inspirations. 
Anything is possible: from the tropical beaches of the Caribbean to the icy landscapes of Antarctica, from the dense Amazon jungle to the hustle of urban cities…
Peel and Stick Wall Murals will recreate any environment of your choice onto your walls. And the icing on the cake is that you can even create your own Peel and Stick Wall Mural from your personal photos, for a truly unique result!

Discover an innovative wall decor that will not go unnoticed! A new kind of wallpaper, removable, reusable and glue-less that is bringing forward traditional wall coverings to new and exciting fronts. A perfect solution for those who don’t want to commit to one look and those who just don’t want to deal with the hassle of traditional wallpaper. 
Welcome Peel and Stick Wall Murals!

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