Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A Nursery is transformed into an Underwater world

By Muralismo

Hi Everyone,

I just love it when customers send me BEFORE & AFTER shots.

A while ago I sent out a questionnaire to some of our customers and today not only was I sent a completed questionnaire but also the following photos showing how Kylie turned her young man's nursery into something really special.

But first, the questionnaire.................

Hi Juana

We've finally got our little mans wall up, it looks great!  Have attached some pics as per your email below, have also commented on your questions.

1) Why did you choose this Mural for your room?   

I wanted something out of the ordinary for my little boys room - it's just what I was after!

2) What room did you put it in?
My baby boys room...he's only 11months old but LOVES it already, touching all the fish etc, he can  learn a lot from it as he grows too!

3) How hard was it to put up? 

Pretty easy from my understanding

4) Did you do it yourself or did you have help? 

Had a wallpaperer do it while he was doing another job for us

5) How long did it take you? 

Only took him a couple of hours from start til finish

6) Any tips to share with our readers? Anything you would do differently? Anything you wish you'd known at the start? 

I would've liked to have known that each piece slightly overlaps the other, unfortunately you can see the raised bit underneath, doesn't look as good as it would if it was 100% flat and smooth.

7) Are you happy with the finished product?   

I would give 8/10 (only thing disappointing is the overlapping edges)




Dolphins Paradise Wall Mural Wallpaper


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