Monday, 20 June 2011

Cadlow Mural World's New Website

By Muralismo

When I first asked my web designer to create a new website for Cadlow Mural World I did not have the ability to offer Custom Peel & Stick Murals to my customers.
This business opportunity occurred half way through the web design.

On the plus side it allowed me to change the site so that a Custom service could be included. It also allowed me to adjust the categories to include ready made Peel & Stick Murals in 10 designs and two different sizes. On the minus side it seriously slowed down the whole process as uploading images to the Custom image library and creating new listings is my job.

I am not particularly IT minded and the new website does not come with instructions on how to do things so I have had to learn the hard way. ( don't you hate that? ) One example was the images. They weren't organised by brand so I made three folders, one for Walltastic, One for Environmental Graphics and one for EasyWallz.
I then smiled at my organisation and re checked the site only to find that the images had DISAPPEARED from dozens of listings! I then had to individually upload them ( from my newly organised folders ) in order to fix the problem.That is only one example of my stuff ups :)

I haven't been given the go ahead to go live yet and I am still waiting on answers from my designer regarding how to set shipping charges.

However it can't be too far away now and I am looking forward to announcing it.

To celebrate and promote the website I am going to be announcing a  Facebook photo competition. The winner of it will have their image placed in the New Zealand section of our Custom Image library and will win $200 CASH. I am going to find a Professional Photographer to judge the entries ( but more on that later )

Well that's enough from me for now. I'd better get back to packaging sales for the courier and uploading more amazing images for our custom Mural library.
I can hardly wait until we can FINALLY go live!

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