Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A Tale of two Murals.

By Muralismo

Last week I had an informative e-mail conversation with a customer who was coming back to purchase a second mural. The first mural the customer purchased was this one that is made in Switzerland.
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 It is printed on fine art paper and is thinner than our two main ranges of Murals. It was on special as we have decided to no longer stock that brand and wanted to get rid of the last of our stock.

Here is what the customer had to say.

" I purchased the bookcase mural and had it pasted up on the wall in our study and looks amazing, although it was a very hard paper to not only paste but put up.
My husband is a professional painter, decorator and wall paper hanger for many years...and was not all that impressed with this type of paper from the country it was imported from...BUT...is prepared to take a chance on what I have just purchased again...knowing it came from the US.

Here's hoping it is easier this time around..... but I'm sure it would look great because this is yet another mural I love the look of."

After receiving that feedback and a photo from the customer of the installed bookcase mural I was very interested in hearing her spouses opinion on the Environmental Graphics Brand mural that she had selected for her second purchase as I believe it to be a superior brand that has been around for a very long time and is highly recommended by professional paperhangers.

I didn't have to wait long because the day it arrived her husband went to work and that afternoon I received the following photos and e-mails.

Good morning Juana,
Thank you so much again for the prompt delivery of the mural, it arrived just in time as the room had just finished being papered of the surrounding walls.

We were just having morning tea and the courier pulled up, so very pleased to receive it.
Your service is the best I have received and the wrapped packaging is fantastic.

Then soon after ( boy that hubby of hers is good! ) I received this e-mail.

Hi again,
Just wanted to send you some photos of the beautiful mural that was hung today in the room, we live in the xxxxxxxx  and surrounded by bush and this mural just blended in so well with the trees through the window.

My husband highly praised the quality of this paper and was very impressed.

I had checked your website and some of the murals I really liked were no longer available which is a shame.
Would I be able to use the voucher (again, thank you) for a discount off the next mural?

I don't know about you dear readers but I was blown away by how the view outside the bedroom matched the mural inside. You couldn't PLAN it to work out so well. The leaves outside were just the right colour and size and the tree trunks so similar to the ones in the Morning Forest Mural it was SPOOKY :)

If there was a prize for most effective design selection, then this customer and her husband would surely win it. I have always thought of using a mural in terms of creating an inside view and making the focus on the inside or distracting the occupant from a lack lustre view outside. I had never thought about actually complementing or enhancing the view seen through the windows.

This example really brings the outside in as though there is no wall at all. I just LOVE it.
I hope to have more and more customer examples to share with you all soon as I am including a $20 voucher bribe with most Mural purchases to encourage customers to share their photos with us.

If you would like one of your own you can buy it HERE

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