Saturday, 30 April 2011

HOW to change the knobs on a Dresser

Sometimes old knobs on a dresser break, then again sometimes we want to update the look of our bedroom. Of course, purchasing all new bedroom furniture when nothing is wrong with the old is out of the question. However, we can completely change the look of a piece of furniture just by changing the hardware.

Difficulty: Easy


things you'll need:

  • screwdriver
  • new dresser knobs or handles
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      First, you'll want to make a visit to your local home improvement or hardware store and pick out new knobs or handles that suit your new style or go online to a site such as http://www.cadlow.co.nz/category/70/b-vintage-knobs/ and let your fingers do the walking.
      Once you're back home, open just one of the packages of new knobs to be certain that the style you picked matches just right.
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      Loosen the old knob
      You won't need to completely empty your drawers, just clear out enough room to fit your hand and a screwdriver.
      While holding the knob with one hand, loosen the screw on the inside of the drawer until it is removed completely.
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      Compare the old screw with the new
      Now check to make sure your new hardware compares to the old. Make sure the screw of the new knob is about the same in diameter and length.
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      Tightening the screw
      New take the new dresser knob and line the hole up with the screw hole in the dresser. Then hold it tight to the dresser with one hand and twist the screw in with the other, as tight ass possible by hand. Use a screwdriver to finish tightening the screw.
      Repeat these steps for each knob on your dresser. And viola, a whole new look!

      By Muralismo

      And here is a dresser that my customer prepared earlier :)
      We have a gorgeous jewel like range of glass, crystal and ceramic knobs for you to choose from.

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