Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Tips on using Candles to Create Ambiance

Getting a “decorator look” at home is quite simple using pillar candles.  You can use inexpensive items to make a visually appealing group of pillar candles.

By Muralismo

It is getting colder and I am starting to winter proof my house. Cosy throws on the furniture, oil heaters in the bedrooms and warm colours on the beds.

I don't have a fireplace unfortunately but I DO have one on DVD which looks amazingly realistic when played on our large screen. It creates all the atmosphere of a real blazing fire without any of the mess or effort associated with the real thing.

Todays's tips were taken from a Blog post by Alicia Vilas. Many of her warnings regarding Candle safety can be disregarded if you substitute real pillar candles for our real wax, LED candles.

Begin by selecting 3 pillar candles that are not identical in height, but they shouldn’t vary too much in size.  It is nice to keep them the same color, but mixing the colors can create breathtaking and dramatic decorative accents.  Different wax textures in the same color also looks great.  When grouping them together think in terms of layering.  You can bring one forward and tuck one a bit behind the other so that they seem to overlap each other.  Remember to leave a space between each candle to avoid burning into each other’s sides.

Another great tip is to wrap your pillar candles with decorative ribbon or raffia.  You can tie a ribbon around one pillar candle or a group of 3 candles.

A decorative ceramic dish, platter, bowl, or mirrored base makes a stunning arrangement with a large pillar candle such as a 3-wick candle or a clump of three candles.  Fill the base with decorative stones, potpourri, sand, glass beads, silk flowers, seashells, or faux pearl necklaces and push the pillars down.  Just remember to always be sure to burn candles on heat-resistant, inflammable surfaces and with surrounding decorative pieces that are not flammable.  Some people choose not to burn candles when they have these stunning arrangements.  Just keep in mind that safety always comes first.

Remember to decide on your focal point for pillar candle placement.  In which area of the room do you wish your guest’s eyes to automatically go?  You can find unusual spaces or corners to transform with your beautiful pillar candle arrangement.  A great focal point is to cluster your pillar candles in front of a wall mirror or use a small mirror as the candle tray.  The mirrors throw off more light when burning the candles.

Another great idea is to group pillar candles inside an unused fireplace, especially during the summer.
Try any of these ideas and you will see how you can easily add a warm inviting glow to your home.  Place several arrangements around your home and hear the wonderful comments from family members and friends.

*Let me know what you think by posting a comment.  If you have any other ideas on decorating with pillar candles, please add your idea in the comments section.

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