Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Why you should use colours of the 1950's when you decorate

By Muralismo

Let me tell you WHY you should use  colours of the 1950's  when you decorate.
 The SOFT gentle colours of the 1950's recall a different age. An age where Mum did lots of baking and served her family large meals on their cheerful Formica table. When I step into a kitchen or cafe done up in these ice cream colours I just go aaaawwwww. It sends me mushy. I remember my Nana and how her kitchen used to smell. Delicious home baking using REAL butter and cups of sugar. No concern then about being healthy, just sweet and tasty and golden brown goodness.

 I must be a girly girl cause this pink SMEG fridge makes me sigh in envy.
In the below link you can view authentic 1950's paint colours so you can make your 1950's project as realistic as possible.


The next link is for my New Zealand readers so that they can source the kind of paint colours they are after.

 Aren't the soft mint cupboards delicious in this photo? The colours are so soft and gentle that the whole effect is one of peace and good old fashioned simplicity.

We have the same yummy pink and mint in our ceramic knob range as well as the all time favourite of cream. Applying these shades to your furniture and accessorising with our knobs will ensure a Fifties feel.
Alternatively use them on your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Delicious!



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