Friday, 29 April 2011

Homestyle Magazine's Latest Blog Post

By Muralismo

 I am thrilled to reproduce here the Blog post about our product written by Homestyle Magazine's Designer Amber. Homestyle Magazine featured our NZ shaped acrylic mirrors in their magazine late last year and also did a Blog post last year on the transformation of a dresser by one of our customers using our popular glass knobs.

Here it is for you all to enjoy ( hot off the press )

Romance at the Flick of a Button

LED Flameless Candles
Everyone knows that lighting a few candles can instantly set the scene for a romantic dinner or relaxing night indoors, so I was interested to find these battery opperated LED flameless candles. Although dubious to start, I think the candles are awesome! Made from real wax, they not only look the part but have the option of a flickering flame, just like the real thing. Controlled by a remote you can adjust the light levels to suit the mood from across the room.

Apart from the ease of remote control these candles are great around children, as there is no flame for little fingers to get burnt in and no risk of fire.

My favourite thing about these candles is that you can take them outside or display in a drafty room and there is no problem with the candles blowing out! Available from Cadlow Mural World I think these are a must have for romantic nights in as the weather gets cooler.

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