Thursday, 21 April 2011

DIY Photo competition for our Facebook Fans

By Muralismo

                       I  want to give away to one of our Facebook Fans either

A Remote controlled LED Wax Candle Gift Set


$85 worth of glass, ceramic or crystal knobs of their choice         

I want FANs to send in a photo of their latest DIY project around their home along with a short explanation of what they did. The photo that gets the MOST likes will be the winner.

The winner then can tell me which of the above two options they want as a prize and I will ship it to them NZ Wide.

**Out of NZ Fans can take part but if the cost of shipping overseas exceeds $15 NZ dollars they will need to pay the balance required.

The competition will close when 100 Fans have been achieved. We already have 52 Fans so it should not take long at all.

I look forward to seeing your photos and stories. What have you been up to? Painted the bedroom? Upcycled a chest of drawers? Made some curtains? Polished the floor boards? Stripped a wooden fireplace? decorated a plant pot? Painted a Mural? Sewed a duvet cover?

Post your photo and story to our facebook page here http://on.fb.me/f3REiR

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