Wednesday, 9 March 2011

AMAZING Pirate Ship Bedroom

Not all of have us have the kind of money required to go quite as far as the below parents in the pursuit of a Pirate Theme for their boy's bedroom. 

You have to admit though that it really is extremely cool! What boy wouldn't want to go to sleep high up in a real Pirate ship?         

The rope bridge /gang plank is pure fantasy fun but no doubt would be criticized by the PC Police as a dangerous item.                           

If you want a Pirate Themed room with an affordable price tag visit www.cadlow.co.nz.There you can choose between two different Pirate Wallpaper Wall Murals priced at $159 and $240 respectively.

Below article taken from http://www.ohdeedoh.com

Pirate Ship Bedroom
We recently saw this image circulating on Tumblr and had to know more. Where is that? Is it for real? Who lives there? A little internet sleuthing helped us turn up some answers.
The exceptionally lucky occupant of this Minnesota room is a six year old boy whose parents called upon designer/builder Steve Kuhl to cook up something very special. After concepting a space ship, a race car and a castle they finally settled upon the pirate ship. The rope bridge goes from the top of the jail cell(!) into the ship, and a rope suspended from the ship's hull provides drop-in closet access.
See more images of this over-the-top bedroom on Kuhl Design Build.
(Images: Kuhl Design Build)

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