Tuesday, 8 March 2011

FOUR Tips for installing dark or metallic wallpaper

Todays tips come from Alex Davis of Davis Decor in Queenstown. We highly recommend Alex for all your decor needs. If you want one of our Murals installed professionally and live in the Queenstown area give him a ring.

Tip 1

When using dark or especially metallic or foil papers it's so important that you start from the side where your main light source is. For example, the window at the end of the room, as this will hide your joints.

Tip 2

When  handling dark papers (black or dark brown) before I hang the paper I get a piece of charcoal and rub it on to the edges of the roll.

Tip 3

Work out where your joints are going to be and paint the lines on the wall before hanging. It makes the job look 110%

Tip 4

Make sure you wash your hands before handling the paper.

Alex Davis
Davis Decor L.t.d
H/37 Hallenstein Street

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