Tuesday, 22 March 2011

INSTANT Romance has Arrived

At LAST they have arrived. The shipment of flameless LED candles that I have been so eagerly anticipating.

My darling daughter was home sick so I roped her in as a model to demonstrate the blow ON, blow OFF capacity of the below range of REAL Wax candles. She loved them of course and chose a green one for her bedroom. 
I however,will be snaffling a Gift Pack of the below Remote controlled candles.......

I like the fact that I have so many choices of how to use them. I can set them to be on for a 2-8 hour time period. I can dim the brightness, I can have it flickering like a real flame or just bright like a bulb. The choice is mine.

For years when I have complained to my hubby about the lack of Romance in our marriage he has replied, " well light a bloody candle ! " Now all I have to do is to push a button which is even easier :)

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