Thursday, 17 March 2011

Share Your Wall Mural

Share Your Wall Murals

What Does This Website Need? YOU!

What does this website need? It needs YOU - that's right, you! Do you have wall murals in your home that you would like to share? It's time to show and tell!

Show Off Your Mural!

  E-mail us at cadlow@gmail.co.nz and attach your photo or photos.

It can be hand painted or another companies product. We don't care. 

Send us your answers to the following questions as we would like to do a short post on you for our readers.

1) Why did you choose this Mural for your room?
2) What room did you put it in?
3) How hard was it to put up or paint?
4) Did you do it yourself or did you have help?
5) How long did it take you?
6) Any tips to share with our readers? Anything you would do differently? Anything you wish you'd known at the start?
7) Are you happy with the finished product?

Thanks for your contribution - it will help inspire and motivate others!

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