Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Using Wall Murals to improve a Small Space


Today more and more we are living either by choice or necessity in smaller homes.

Apartments and townhouses have become a convenient option for many city dwellers as well as 

University and Polytech students who often exist in the smallest spaces of all.

Often windows face the walls of other buildings or a fence which creates a claustrophobic atmosphere.

Murals can make a HUGE difference in these kind of spaces, adding character, a view and more 

importantly a sense of SPACE.

The below article is taken from lovinglivingsmall.blogspot.com

                    SMALL SPACE ACCENTS: Wall murals

I was shooting a spot today for work and our location was a hip record store. They had a fab wall mural as their focal point and I loved it! I have always been a fan of creating 1 accent wall in your small space. In our apartment, we painted 1 wall clay red. Another way to do this is putting up a wall mural (sticks like wallpaper).

There are some wonderful companies that offer a range of styles and you can even customize. Check out the huge selection at Murals Your Way. I also love that Urban Outfitters is offering fun ideas. I love the BAR scene featured above. It reminds me of living in New York!


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