Friday, 11 March 2011

DIY : HOW to Paint a Wall Mural using a Projector

Wallpaper Wall Murals are cost effective but DIY painted Murals are CHEAPER and more satisfying. You can be the Artist you always dreamed of being with the help of a laptop and a projector. The Sky is the limit for your creativity. Let it shine and have heaps of FUN while you are at it.

Article from http://www.unplggd.com

How To: Use a Projector to Paint Your Own Wall Mural

We just posted about Caroline's DIY mural project over at AT Los Angeles,
showcasing how she used a Illustrator file and her projector to take her silhouette
drawing and turned it into some lovely wall artwork. Details below...
020909mural01.jpgI designed the mural for my sisters bedroom. The drawing was done in Illustrator and then projected on the wall using a video projector.
I traced the outline with a pencil. And then started filling it in making sure the pencil 
marks we're covered. I used artist paint brushes for this. It took about 3 coats to get 
the color right.
I used lacquer paint because it was a leftover from a different project but I would 
advise people to use emulsion or acrylic paint for a smoother finish 
(with lacquer it's very hard to get rid off 'stripes' from the paint brush.)

** For a Wallpaper Mural that can be installed in 2 hours go to www.cadlow.co.nz

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  1. The new way of painting wall murals made it possible for non-artistic people to make murals on their own. Imagine how easy painting a mural would be if it's already on the wall and you just have to trace it. Unlike before, you have start from scratch and sketch it. Technology really does make our lives easier. Now, no one can say that they can't make their own murals at home, especially if it's this easy!

    Clinton Hurlburt