Monday, 28 March 2011

Students having FUN Upcycling furniture

When I was a kid I had a ' Thingie ' box.

In it my Mum would put old stuff, empty containers, wool, paper, plastic, bottle tops, you name it.
I would amuse myself for hours making ' Thingies ' out of the bits and pieces I would find in there

One creation I will never forget. My friend had a baby doll that wet itself so she could change its nappy. I wanted one so I set to work.

I turned an old DB beer can into the body of my ' baby.' Using a nail I made a hole in the bottom of the can and then threaded a straw through from top to bottom.

A number of improvements were added ( a head, arms and legs ) and then I fed my ' baby ' some water which went through the straw and wet the nappy! Success :)

I would have LOVED the challenge when I was the age of the below students to try my hand at making something new out of the bits and pieces put at their disposal.

 Making NEW out of OLD

That’s what 15 students and designers did during a two day workshop. The participants got to choose whatever they wanted out of the delivery of furniture and objects provided by Fretex, to redesign or upcycle. The designers at Ralston & Bau coached the workshop and made sure everyone could bring home their finished product or furniture.
Floor lamps emerged out of table and stool legs, a wooden armchair was dressed in jeans and another one received 34 legs!


Upcycled Throne

Inspiring stuff.

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