Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The Story of Mikko's Room

The Original article 

Article from Baby Bites
Photos by Jessica Beth Gibson

The land before time

18 February 2011

For regular babybites readers, this room may look a tad familiar.  That’s because it’s a revamp of Kasper’s Room we featured a while back.  Only, the room no longer belongs to Kasper, instead his brother Mikko has moved in, along with the land of dinosaurs.

The massive wall mural at one end of the room not only makes for a fabulous feature wall, but gives Mikko his entrance into a completely different world.  His mum Jess has completed the theme with a fabulous ‘grass’ rug and duvet covers from Ikea.  I love that the white wall shelf made by the boys Great Grandfather remains on the wall.

Thank you so much Jess for sharing again!!  I’m now hanging out for Jess to unveil Kasper and Finn’s super hero room…  those are 3 lucky little boys!

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