Friday, 6 May 2011

WATCH our Remote controlled Real Wax Candles in action.

                                       Your Mum would love these.

**The remote also allows you to change from a steady 'flame' to a flickering ‘flame’, change the brightness of the 'flame' and also the length of time the candles are on for.

This incredibly realistic product was reviewed on The New Zealand Homestyle Magazine Blog recently.

INSTANT ROMANCE just push a button!

Setting the MOOD has never been so EASY.

PERFECT for bedrooms

PERFECT for outdoor tables as they will never blow out.

Gift pack of THREE LED Flameless Candles.
  • NO flame
  • Safe.
  • Batteries INCLUDED**
  • With remote control.

Why would you ever light a flame again?

Three Flameless LED Candles operated by remote control

A great GIFT – straight out of the box.

  • These Flameless LED Candles are made from REAL wax and are battery operated.
  • They look like and feel like the real thing and are safe to use.
  • Turn them on and off with the remote control.
The three candles measure 10 cm, 12 cm and 15 cm in height and all measure 7 cm in diameter.

The standard AA batteries allow for up to 200 hours of ‘flame’ time.

All batteries are included.

  • Remote control flameless candles can be placed in nooks, alcoves or anyplace that it's inconvenient to reach for manual activation.
  • JUST POINT the hand-held remote and click on/off - it's that SIMPLE.
  • Put beautiful flameless candles in places you never dreamed possible before

NO MESS: Candle light flickers just like a real candle but without the mess of dripping wax or the hazard of an open flame. 

                    Get your own set HERE

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