Thursday, 19 May 2011

A leading Interior Designer demonstrates Easywallz on T.V

By Muralismo

Easywallz is coming to New Zealand and I am doing a series of Blog Posts to talk about the MANY features that make me so excited about stocking this product.

 In this post there is a link to a T.V show that was made this year. In it an Interior Designer shows the audience two examples of an Easywallz mural as part of a whole designer look that she has put together in the studio.
                                                    Easywallz on T.V

The feature that I will highlight today is the portability of this amazing product. The designer mentions how when you want to change your look in your lounge you can easily peel off the mural and move it to another room. Just try doing that with your expensive designer wallpaper some time!

You spend all that money to achieve a designer look but when you tire of it that's that. What a waste! Now, like with designer curtains you can MOVE your Easywallz mural to another room, pass it on to a friend or family, sell it or give it away to some lucky person.

The part of the T.V show that I liked the most was when the second Easywallz Mural was revealed to the presenter of the show by the Interior Designer. Her reaction when she saw a Mural of her two children was priceless.

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