Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The Story of George's Room

By Kate Verry

**Taken from an entry in the Huggies NZ  Best Room designs competition

After losing our home to a fire Xmas 2009, boy was only 20months old when we lost his little boys room. We rented a house for about 10months whilst we rebuilt but his room was very simple as we could not really decorate as if it were our own. When the house was almost complete and with a couple of things ready for his bedroom, we found this WALLTASTIC mural which worked perfectly with the colour scheme we were going for and was perfect as we are "friends of the Napier aquarium’ which he loves.

Sharks, pirate ships, nemo and more…what boy wouldnt like this!! So we put the wall paper up, painted his shelf the same colour as we could get for a blind and the rest is decoration. My husband also found the painting on trade me and put up starlight stickers of the solar system for him to enjoy at night time.

Together the themes work well together. Also as I am Australian we put animals on his cupboard doors to represent the little aussie in him aswell. Losing his toys and his home were very stressful on us all and in particular on George as he kind of understood. Moving to the rental was not easy and so we knew that when we moved back to our newly built home that we would have to make the transition as easy as possible. Thus the wallpaper was very special and he was there when we put it up, even helping as much as he could. We made a big deal of it being his new room and he even helped pack boxes of his toys to bring. He absolutely adores his room and is always showing people “his new room” whether its for the first time or the tenth time!!
animals on his cupboard doors to represent the little aussie in him
starlight stickers of the solar system

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